Network and cyber security for SME's

July 14, 2022

Network and cyber security for SMEs

Most of us assume that cyber-attacks only happen to the negligent and the reckless. The reality is that cyber-criminals are upping their game at every turn, and if yours is a business without proper safety measures in place, you might be at risk.

With hackers adapting their strategies to match the sophistication of other contemporary safeguards, even the most vigilant among us can be victims of cyber-crime. 

Small and medium-sized businesses who are not relying upon experts in network and cyber security to manage their data security and protect their digital assets are sitting ducks, ready to be pounced upon by predatory thugs who anonymously threaten and coerce from behind their keyboards. 

According to The State of Ransomware, a global survey conducted in 2020 by Sophos, 24% of organisations surveyed in South Africa witnessed a significant ransomware attack in the last 12 months, of which 27% of those hit by ransomware attacks admitted to paying the ransom to regain access to their data. 

What are the primary sources of cyber risk for SMEs? 

It doesn’t require reckless broadcasting of sensitive information to make your enterprise vulnerable to attack. All it takes is one insecure password, one legitimate-looking email, or one unprotected node in the network to leave the door open to all varieties of blackmail, theft and general misery. 

Cybercriminals are savvy to yesterday’s gatekeepers and the legacy safeguards, which most of us rely upon to protect our digital assets and personal data. The digital age is dark and full of terrors to the uninitiated and the under-informed.

The scene appears rather bleak when you’re standing alone in this unfamiliar and ever-changing territory. 

When you partner with Checksum Network Security Services and are covered by the industry-leading services we offer, you can leave the selfish cyber-vandals and cowardly miscreants demanding ransoms to us. 

We know the terrain inside-out, and we stay on top of the trends before anyone else has even mapped them out. We’re here to stand with you to secure what matters to you in the digital domain. 

We have partnered with industry leaders, offering unrivalled digital security, to protect you from threats coming from half the world away and cyber-criminals holed up in your neighbourhood.

Running a business is not an endeavour that affords half-hearted efforts and divided attention; we’re ready to come on board to help you put your focus back on making your venture a success.

What we offer

We are dedicated to the defence of your data and are rearing to go in the implementation of the safeguards that will protect the perimeter of your network.

Bringing you the world’s best in each class, we offer security products from Aruba, CISCO, FORESCOUT, Okta, Paloalta, and UBIQUITI.

Our offering includes:

Years of proven success in the network and cyber security business equip us with the tools, the experience and the know-how to keep you and your business secure from cyber threats.

We cater to enterprises of all sizes; we’re in the business of protecting municipalities, multi-million-rand companies, and SMEs alike from cyber-security breaches.

Network Consulting

If a network consultant has not optimised your network, likely, it isn’t fit-for-purpose. We will evaluate your network infrastructure and ensure your network suits the needs of your business. 

Inefficient networks waste resources with nebulous elements that you don't need. When we consult on your network, you'll get pure optimisation.

Network Consulting Services Include:

Cyber security

Your cyber security is key. We'll ensure you're safe from threats.

Cyber Security Consulting Services Include:

When Checksum Network Security Services consults on your cyber security needs, we take a measured and detailed approach to your network’s touchpoints. We know where the gremlins like to get in and where things are bottlenecking. We make sure no back doors are open and that there is always a digital watchman on guard. We guarantee you that you won't get a more thorough service anywhere else.

Network Management Process

Network Management Process Services Include:

In an uncertain world, where cyber-threats evolve in scope and complexity, we’re here to protect you and your network security.

When Checksum Network Security Services handles your network management, we put the right processes in place. You'll see an immediate difference in the way you make important decisions on your network. It's the administrative heartbeat of your network. Our vast experience with some of the most extensive networks in the country means we know how to create management processes that scale to your needs when you need them to.

CNSS covers all your bases–comprehensive cyber security consulting, network consulting, and network management process solutions. We’re here to protect you. Let’s make it safe together.

Contact our leading network security experts and book your cyber security consultation with us today. 

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